Partnership was formed around the idea of introducing task-based learning to VET from the specific sector. The project consortium is composed of five organizations from five different EU countries (Slovenia, the United Kingdom, Spain, Romania and Serbia).

Ljudska univerza Velenje established in 1959 is public non-profit adult education institution providing education and support to various target groups. LUV takes an active part in regional community by improving the educational structure of the population, by motivating and informing the members of the community and by involving them in the formal and non-formal educational programmes. Programmes are intended for adults and youngsters. Programmes include primary school for adults, programmes for vocational secondary education, professional secondary education, language and ICT courses adapted to various target groups (NEETs, business sector, seniors), labour market orientation programmes, social activation programme, study courses, workshops, and national and international projects. Within LUV also operate 2 Centres for Intergeneration learning that includes 4 full-time employed staff members and over 20 volunteers and Pattern City – an ecosystem for education, experimentation, prototyping and innovation. The unique, interactive digital learning environment is focused on providing interdisciplinary content with learning by doing and playful learning methodologies. LUV also delivers social integration programme for people with distance to labour market focusing on improving their employment chances. LUV is active in local environment by supporting rural areas through development programmes and trainings to improve basic and entrepreneurial skills. LUV is actively involved in various local, regional and national initiatives and actions (Life-long learning week, educational festivals and other events). LUV has years of experience in participating and coordinating European projects and is currently involved in 18 international projects (mostly Erasmus+ KA2).

Since 1980, York Associates has been an industry-leading pioneer in the field of professional English and international communication training. They offer high-quality English language, business communication and international leadership and team training to adult learners working in all professional sectors – business, public, political, trade union, educational and voluntary sectors. With forty years of experience, they are able to design courses which are fully customised to client needs, which we deliver both in the UK and onsite at client locations. York Associates has been welcoming visitors to the UK to its training location for the last 28 years. They aim to delivery high quality experiences for people visiting the UK who are after a rich cultural experience. For this reason, their trainers and staff have a strong background in local cultural heritage, having developed links with local associations, York City Council and the University of York. York Associates is renowned in the fields of English, Business English and international communication publishing. Directors and associates have produced award-winning titles for English Language Teaching and management publishers including Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Kogan Page and Harper Collins.

SLB is a cooperative of freelance language workers, active since 2014, supplying and sharing services in the language teaching, teacher education, translation and educational materials sectors. The current president is Neil McMillan, who with an executive council of three other members, helps steer the co-op towards its objectives. These are to improve the economic conditions and technical skills of its members. There are currently 23 members and one salaried administrative worker, Aislinn Lambert. Members collaborate to procure or provide mutually beneficial services such as legal & tax advice, teaching resources, professional development and fairly-paid work opportunities.

Blackbird is a private language school located in the picturesque city of Čačak in Central Serbia. Conceived and developed in 1990s, it soon grew in response to the growing demand for foreign languages. On the annual level, the school has an enrolment of app. 1,000 students, most of whom are learners of English as a second language. Other popular languages include German, Italian, Spanish, French and Russian. Over the years, Blackbird has made a relevant impact on the local level, as the most popular language learning institution which has also contributed to the general awareness of benefits of foreign language learning and efficient learning methods, as well as intercultural collaboration and impact. Our school staff is comprised of nine full-time and over a dozen part-time teachers. The school is a member of YALS, national organisation of language schools and associate member of EAQUALS, and we are also a Preparation Centre for Cambridge Assessment English exams. Apart from its own practicies in the domain of teaching foreign languages, Blackbird has relevant experience as a teacher-training centre and has organised and particpated in a number of educational projects and initiatives at the local, regional and national level.

Centrul Pentru Promovarea Invatarii Permanente is a Romanian NGO that works in Lifelong Learning since 2005. CPIP is committed to mainstreaming the principle of equal opportunities for all citizens in the public policies and associated practices, as an integral part of democratization and the creation of an open society, to re-define the status of community co-production in all areas related to lifelong learning. CPIP supports initiatives and runs programs and projects that aim at cooperating and innovating for good practices in this field. This is done by taking part at diverse European initiatives and then mainstreaming in the regional activities the developed products and results. Our organization supports initiatives and runs programs and projects that aim at cooperating and innovating for good practices. CPIP’s main objective is to promote the lifelong learning through all relevant stakeholders.